A mile from any neighbor

by Humpty Dumpty

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    Scarica un po', va'.




released December 13, 2009

Humpty Dumpty: music
Renato Q.: lyrics




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 16 dischi. Dal 2005 produce anche canzoni in italiano.

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Track Name: A beautiful day
Free from desire
From compromise
Eager to forget
Everything that I reject

Out in the open I’ll stay
Keeping my neighbors away
Until I can see
Until I am

Ready to learn
All of nature’s mistakes
I am ready to learn
What makes a beautiful day

Live in the woods
Leave my neighborhood
Out to collect every trace
Out to discover the face

Of the natural world
Of the hidden
Chaos and disorder
And all that it takes
For a wonderful night
To make a beautiful day

Your acquired knowledge
Doesn’t mean a thing
The road to the forest –
Tell me where it brings

Don’t believe God
Or the stories they tell
Wanna know what it takes
To make this beautiful
Sunny day
Warm, sunny day
Track Name: The berry proof
Taste a fruit with me
In the shade of trees
Walk across the gate
Find a secret plain
On the grass
Everything is wet and cold

Taste the bittersweet
Little symphony
Shades of green and red
Can you feel the grains?
Recognize the shapes?

Staying out all night
When all berries look alike
Tasting boysenberries
Cranberries and raspberries until…

Look up to the sky
Open up your eyes
Why the stars are bright
Is debatable, however –

Hear the forest breathe
Listen to the trees
Whether nature speaks
Is debatable, however –

Taste the evidence
It’s a game of chance
Whether it makes sense
Is debatable, however fake
Track Name: Rather
Than the promise
Between lovers
That you broke

I’d rather
Have a cigarette
And a little

Happiness used to be out of reach
Wasn’t it a much better world?

Rather than for more
Ups and downs and falls
I’d rather ask for more
Nothingness at all

Than the treatise
On emotions
That I wrote

I’d rather
Have some fish and chips
And another
Cup of tea

Willingness used to be out of reach
Wasn’t it a much better world?

Rather than for more
Ups and downs and falls
I’d rather ask for bore
Like the old joke goes
Track Name: Fighting with the whale
Sit down by the shore and patiently
Observe the water that moves
How waves slowly rise and intersect
And melt into the blue

If you lose patience
A reflex may look just like a whale
Will you start a fight
In the smallest pond you’ve sailed?

Beauty lies in the eye but it requires
Attention for what’s overlooked
Properties and names
Patterns and details
Self-discipline and solitude

If concentration
Fails you’ll just be looking far away
And chasing some beast
In the smallest pond you’ve sailed
Without a gyroscope

Can you see
What’s inside a cloud?
Certainly water
It’s droplets and crystals of ice
In the troposphere
Where something begins to take shape
Don’t you think it looks
Quite like a whale?
You are out on your own
In the smallest pond you’ve known
Track Name: Wunder K.
The world is here
Recollected, organized
An inventory of life
All piled up
Into this room
For you to
For you to see
For you to explore
To understand

Tiny boxes
Full of objects
You have never seen
And the papers
Where I
I once took notes
They are full of
Little question marks

I can see you standing in this room
You’re not gonna leave it any soon
You can open what you like
Except the drawers marked with a stripe
And you will
And you will know
What’s life
If I were you
I’d be surprised

Leaves and flowers
Tiny insects
You have never seen
And a picture
Of me
In a corner
You’ll remember
When I’m gone

Anthocharis cardamines
Leptopterna dolobrata Linnaeus
Helix pomatia
Ephedra fragilis
Barbastella barbastellus
Plankton, Plankton