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by Humpty Dumpty

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Cacophony 03:25
A flickering candlelight Her favorite lullaby Turned into an awkward swish Tinkling silver coins Mismatch with night crickets, no clue how it’s tugging to her mood Clatter of unsheathed swords All the battles in the world Paralyzed in bed A rumble in her head A train is trying to wake her up The clank of chattering teeth In private hums her plea For silence Whose meaning she forgot Sirens explained and polystyrene scrape The coveted thoughtless time With a flat EEG line
Self Crucify 03:15
Old friends have said you’ve got to widen your views It might well happen that you shipwreck, that ’s biography So many claim they’ve been inspired by you Don’t you realize that your imagined faults are bullshit But you self-crucify You self crucify Scapegoat Bow your head To apologize A red-haired beauty lies beneath you, still With heavy hearts you’re begging us to build your crosses And in a second of astonishment I come to terms with my attraction for your sanctity Together we’ll be whipped, my Lord Flayed and lynched Querulous’ last show White flag waves I am going to be your servant I will come to heal your wounds Hot teenage Veronica I’ll dry your face Ecstatic We’ll self crucify With crossed hands Self-crucified
How it is like to be Inhibiting furious rage Mind fragments are unaware of their reciprocal interplay The world between us is time-space synchro A silent tuning of broken souls Heartbeat fasting, spiders biting Piling bricks of passionate love Shall we ever solve the equation of the thinking/feeling ratio That discards and disowns The old Cartesian clowns Mermaids weeping just as willows Or frantic laughters, no left self-control Not a matter of keeping balance Disequi-Librium, that’s what we’re for I found you have gone / I found you have gone I found you have gone / I’m missing you I found you have gone / I dream of your bones I found you have gone / I fight the blue You wear a black gown / I found you have gone I found you have gone / Not in your shoes I found you have gone / I found you have gone And feeling alone / I’m searching you I’m driving you, drone / I found you have gone I found you have gone / The eternal loop When life hits so hard / I found you have gone I found you have gone / There’s nothing new I found you have gone / I can’t find the words I found you have gone / I’m hating you I found you have gone / I found you have gone And when you return / There’s no more use I’ve looked up to the sky A seagull just passed by Cheating my vision With a shiny trace of white My consciousness ripping Like a mean Fontana’s knife And this vague petty suspicion Is it just a flying lie?
They sway behind a winding bend You’re smiling while you drive These childish blossoms testify of The melting snowman's sweet surrender That seasonally accounts for what it’s done You spot them even in the dark Surprising cure for pain Premature unforeseen heat The overcoat lies on the back seat Alongside with a spray of shy pink dots Pink dots covering dew Echoes from a jarring future Disagreeing with Mother Nature They resemble us pretending And of sad misunderstandings Wrongly placed words flowering Like pink dots Almond is a useless smell When woe is all I feel I’d rather throw out of this shell What spring will never heal The stubborn wind of cold despair Still blowing through your sparkling hair For sure I will regret what it’s done What I’ve done to you Shy pink dots Talk of you
White Noise 04:27
I had to escape from all my traitors I felt this urgent need to step down I ‘m singing out in the elevator Broke the roof and fly over town I quit the mold of life Please, don’t you wonder why I’ll die Just sitting here I can enjoy Amazing odd hallucinations Here in the sky I can indulge In any sort of pleasure I play table-tennis alone I sweat in the freezing cold I’m blind I think of all you wet and stunned Under the rain, in winter noise My to-do list reformulated Only leisure, only toys The controversial days are gone In this exile they’re just white noise A hundred thousand miles away I am happy though I miss your voice This idleness is healthy Transformational and wealthy
Standard 04:16
You could play me a classic standard But not “Summertime”, please, I hate it Sit on a couch and read me a fairy tale Humongous dragons and tiny lethal fleas Let me wag my tail Just like a crafty and joyful fox Let me laugh from the deep of my lungs My lungs will collapse My lungs will collapse The night goes by on this rooftop terrace Inside our kitchen it’s Village Vanguard Your brutal kiss as the expected climax From this nuisance of jazzy standards Here we’re tackling the outbreak head-on Our slight suntan is peeling off An eczematous rash reflects Failed blind dates Outdoor noise anticipates the rain A whispering voice mimics the wax-and-wane Ancient volcanos, ash coats the landscape Sunset prays, west is a red drape (due volte) Judging from your moves’ appraisal You are prone to wildly fornicate and offer your sweaty breast to my fingertips as your last vane sacrifice Life used to scramble us to adapt Be responsible and reliable Back in the day when we used to be filmgoers When our behaviors were pretty standard But now in the midst of turmoil Instead of hiding like preys Of human organs traficants Consider wading out to sea And never come back
May I introduce you to my little toad I gained his trust helping him cross the road Since then we’ve been intimate partners I touch his warts, he doesn’t disdain Hey, don’t you dare question his innate grace He may seem lumpy but has sensible ways I spend hours caressing his gorges And hours can be minutes in this wonderful trip From time to time he rolls his eyes sticky like glue, midge-shaped tattooed Swallowing flies, hungry and nice In charge of weird tasks like enlightening dusk Stout, with brown creases, my amphibian appeases should I feel upset, his scales would flash red Philosophic response to the sounds in this pond croaking aloud and hopping around Here we are naked, sometimes mistaken For frogs, unseen in a swamp of sin OK, we use to exchange our slime But is it really a condemnable crime? Behaving so wise, smart as a spy Impassible love, I wish he could talk And if I'm annoyed, he protects me with paratoids Acid secretion that became my obsession Source of confusion, fuel for delusion He colors my life, much more than a wife Relieving world’s siege, noblesse oblige Kissing his skin, I’ve found my queen
Their deep sighs Luring by the larches Like they were Invulnerable When you will stare Get your fair share They won’t blame me You deserve it Wayward old guy They’ll forbid my moans Mumbling on my rights denied I took my chance to give this ride First I woke up Then I broke it And all what goes around Then I made it it comes around No mistake’s been done Jake and Gill went up the hill Same torn jeans as Sue and Bill Jake and Gill do not exist Afterglow in a sick mist Jake and Gill and Sue and Bill Nothing more than clammy limbs Now putrified Hurry up, be on time Come accept the monster’s ride What’s the use of staying alive? Sing along the monster’s rhyme Finally you will find What’s inside the monster’s mind The monster’s mind Straight away, turn right, dig the soil They’re underground Stay away, out of sight, move on The monster hides Blood flow, fervent vibes, no more The monster lies Water is lit by fire, upside down The wood, the sky Elusive gaze, I prepare, without a frown Another round Blond Sue or dusky Gill, toss a coin Amusing time Cut a slice of pinky flesh to enjoy With cold steel knives Don’t you know the reason why I sang this song The monster’s aim Was to proof all in all that you were wrong The monster’s right
The Dreg 05:36
Did I really shiver For a fifteen seconds phone call The whole house is twisting Like tinnitus in my earphones Evoking flashbulb memories Of a sad mess in a joy sauce The script is so predictable It ends up in a catastrophe Guess what it really means To reshape the past in sour cream Repeating to myself a thousand times It’s foolish to believe to a ghost Who is merciless Hidden conflicts While false looks hover Our tidy bedroom A sleazy hovel Snake skinned hugs Cause dopamine bugs Betraying, spilling blood A maiden asks Secure attachment An adult lies This damn full circle Proceeding The dreg is back I’m bound to wreck My guts are sinking down Sick and tired The dreg is there A pancakes’ stack And I will suffocate With a smile The most natural choice is ready made I’ll keep desire in a safe To forgive There’s some spot in the ionosphere Much better than my sullen fear I’ll let it go Bottom up the dreg is rising Cold, appealing, mesmerizing In the end its stench of rotten Wants me to give a try
Prison 03:35
This cracked glass bowl Is a prison, so unfair An ashtray full Of saliva and candy wrappers Flashing in my head there’s a light That refracts in yellow rays With the thumb in my mouth Soft self-soothing Silly people around Silly people squeaking all the time They call aloud But too much from a distance Maybe even God doesn’t know I’m severely hearing impaired And when you move your mouth I read your lips You’re the missing piece of every cell-bar My realistic world is highly virtual Random firing of the the wrong synapses In the daytime nightmares a gothic soul Set a grandguignol scene
Bordermines 06:44
Until the judgment it won’t be long And he’s composing his farewell song An inner black hole is all he’s ever got Spitting on mankind Sensation seeker and naïve teen Idiosyncratic to day routine You can call her the rollercoaster girl Running her final race Sexy, utterly crazy She’ll move her troops Would she now try to invade his country? Walking on zig zag lines Bypassing bordermines Struck by the blast for the umpteenth time Like seeing the Stooges performing live This poor beggar’s look investigates Her melodrama “Where is the battlefield?” then she asked She hadn’t noticed his humble mask And couldn’t figure out it was romance Tender, poise of commander Seeing her come Would he try to preserve his boredom? Unravelling sharp barbed wire Settling his bordermines They won’t detonate ‘Cos they know it’s insane Relying on impulsive oscillations to escape These overwhelming trenches Further up the branches They’re here composing a fancy song Until the explosion it won’t be long Although illogical they risk their life Over and over on bordermines Eager to change and fly off their route Seeking sensations and ready to screw He reads a poem, melodramatic style She puts the Stooges on and wears a smile Pull and spring, back and forth This inconsistency is really worth Polychrome couple, arms open-wide It can be easily told they’re two of a kind Where is the border, where is the line? Upon the irrelevant they can thrive Where is the border, where is the line? They’ ll jump together on bordermines
We Would Cry 04:40
By the window, in this corner There is nothing but your empty chair Sapless daisies I won’t water A new loss to bear If my tongue knew how to withdraw All my words of hate I’d get rid of my fright We could try If my heart just stood the idea of a world to share You could hug me tight We would cry
Summer 04:15
We long for the summer We long for the hot bright days No homework, no teachers It’s time for love and lemonades Come here, you outsiders Enjoy the warmth of our breath Shirts off, und so weiter I swear, it’s not bad, not bad at all But all at once wisp of clouds are blurring our face Oh shit, we’ve still a lot to say My God, we’ve still a lot to taste Shoelaces floating in the breeze The gardens are on flames No launch to save our hopes To sail away I used to be a good child The wisdom of July The poetry of a heatwave And August’s gonna be our grave Our marble grave The playtime is over No longer can we find the sun Ring-ring-ring-a rosie We all fall down, we all fall down


released June 17, 2020

Words: Gianluca Ficca
All Basses: Giovanni Mastrangelo

Front cover: Daniele Santagiuliana




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 22 dischi e parecchie collaborazioni.

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