from Lie​/​ability by Humpty Dumpty



Until the judgment it won’t be long
And he’s composing his farewell song
An inner black hole is all he’s ever got
Spitting on mankind

Sensation seeker and naïve teen
Idiosyncratic to day routine
You can call her the rollercoaster girl
Running her final race

Sexy, utterly crazy
She’ll move her troops
Would she now try to invade his country?
Walking on zig zag lines
Bypassing bordermines

Struck by the blast for the umpteenth time
Like seeing the Stooges performing live
This poor beggar’s look investigates
Her melodrama

“Where is the battlefield?” then she asked
She hadn’t noticed his humble mask
And couldn’t figure out it was romance

Tender, poise of commander
Seeing her come
Would he try to preserve his boredom?
Unravelling sharp barbed wire
Settling his bordermines

They won’t detonate
‘Cos they know it’s insane
Relying on impulsive oscillations to escape
These overwhelming trenches
Further up the branches

They’re here composing a fancy song
Until the explosion it won’t be long
Although illogical they risk their life
Over and over on bordermines

Eager to change and fly off their route
Seeking sensations and ready to screw
He reads a poem, melodramatic style
She puts the Stooges on and wears a smile

Pull and spring, back and forth
This inconsistency is really worth
Polychrome couple, arms open-wide
It can be easily told they’re two of a kind

Where is the border, where is the line?
Upon the irrelevant they can thrive
Where is the border, where is the line?
They’ ll jump together on bordermines


from Lie​/​ability, released June 17, 2020




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 20 dischi. Dal 2005 produce anche canzoni in italiano.

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