My Little Toad

from Lie​/​ability by Humpty Dumpty



May I introduce you to my little toad
I gained his trust helping him cross the road
Since then we’ve been intimate partners
I touch his warts, he doesn’t disdain

Hey, don’t you dare question his innate grace
He may seem lumpy but has sensible ways
I spend hours caressing his gorges
And hours can be minutes in this wonderful trip

From time to time he rolls his eyes
sticky like glue, midge-shaped tattooed
Swallowing flies, hungry and nice
In charge of weird tasks like enlightening dusk
Stout, with brown creases, my amphibian appeases
should I feel upset, his scales would flash red
Philosophic response to the sounds in this pond
croaking aloud and hopping around

Here we are naked, sometimes mistaken
For frogs, unseen in a swamp of sin
OK, we use to exchange our slime
But is it really a condemnable crime?

Behaving so wise, smart as a spy
Impassible love, I wish he could talk
And if I'm annoyed, he protects me with paratoids
Acid secretion that became my obsession
Source of confusion, fuel for delusion
He colors my life, much more than a wife
Relieving world’s siege, noblesse oblige
Kissing his skin, I’ve found my queen


from Lie​/​ability, released June 17, 2020
Harmonica, Organ and Jew's Harp: Giuseppe Minolfi




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 20 dischi. Dal 2005 produce anche canzoni in italiano.

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