from Lie​/​ability by Humpty Dumpty



You could play me a classic standard
But not “Summertime”, please, I hate it
Sit on a couch and read me a fairy tale
Humongous dragons and tiny lethal fleas
Let me wag my tail
Just like a crafty and joyful fox
Let me laugh from the deep of my lungs
My lungs will collapse
My lungs will collapse

The night goes by on this rooftop terrace
Inside our kitchen it’s Village Vanguard
Your brutal kiss as the expected climax
From this nuisance of jazzy standards
Here we’re tackling the outbreak head-on
Our slight suntan is peeling off
An eczematous rash reflects
Failed blind dates

Outdoor noise anticipates the rain
A whispering voice mimics the wax-and-wane
Ancient volcanos, ash coats the landscape
Sunset prays, west is a red drape (due volte)

Judging from your moves’ appraisal
You are prone to wildly fornicate
and offer your sweaty breast
to my fingertips as your last
vane sacrifice

Life used to scramble us to adapt
Be responsible and reliable
Back in the day when we used to be filmgoers
When our behaviors were pretty standard
But now in the midst of turmoil
Instead of hiding like preys
Of human organs traficants
Consider wading out to sea
And never come back


from Lie​/​ability, released June 17, 2020




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 20 dischi. Dal 2005 produce anche canzoni in italiano.

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