The Dreg

from Lie​/​ability by Humpty Dumpty



Did I really shiver
For a fifteen seconds phone call
The whole house is twisting
Like tinnitus in my earphones
Evoking flashbulb memories
Of a sad mess in a joy sauce
The script is so predictable
It ends up in a catastrophe

Guess what it really means
To reshape the past in sour cream
Repeating to myself a thousand times
It’s foolish to believe to a ghost
Who is merciless

Hidden conflicts
While false looks hover
Our tidy bedroom
A sleazy hovel
Snake skinned hugs
Cause dopamine bugs
Betraying, spilling blood
A maiden asks
Secure attachment
An adult lies
This damn full circle

The dreg is back
I’m bound to wreck
My guts are sinking down
Sick and tired

The dreg is there
A pancakes’ stack
And I will suffocate
With a smile

The most natural choice is ready made
I’ll keep desire in a safe
To forgive
There’s some spot in the ionosphere
Much better than my sullen fear
I’ll let it go

Bottom up the dreg is rising
Cold, appealing, mesmerizing
In the end its stench of rotten
Wants me to give a try


from Lie​/​ability, released June 17, 2020




Humpty Dumpty Messina, Italy

Fieramente arroccato su posizioni di intransigente autoproduzione e autodistribuzione, solenne spregiatore del compromesso assurto a modus operandi, ha all’attivo 20 dischi. Dal 2005 produce anche canzoni in italiano.

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